Cauliflower & Potatoe Curry Recipe

Now if you prefer vegtables over meat but nothing too bland, this recipe is the perfect one for you. Quite simple and elegant yet spicy. It will most definitely blow your tastebuds away..

Spicy vegetable curry

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The Silent City: Manchester

Have you ever wondered what its like to live in complete isolation in a different city or town? We have seen images from all around the world, shocking images of what we probably have not seen or heard of until today. Many Aurthors and scholars predicted what was yet to befall on us but nobody was prepared. We didnt believe in the power of sensing the future. We believe in the power of god and that everything happens when he wants, how he wants. Here we are amidst thousands of sick, helpless people struggling to protect their loved ones. Some are taking thier last breath while others are self-isolating in the hope change.

Empty town of manchester

We all plan ahead and organise our days, weeks even years. There was something we all were and still possibly are looking forward to wether its a family wedding, a festive celebration, graduation or just a long awaited re-union. However, within minutes our plans all changed, Some were cancelled. There is nothing bigger than beliving, having faith and realising that nothing in this world is in our hands. Nobody can control the plan god has already in place for us. He today has taken away everything we were incharge off. No cure, no medicine no science not even modern technology has given the people of this world what it normaly would in times of crisis. It has left us with nothing but silence..

Manchesters China town.. where once everyone walked through to go to work..
Manchester Arndale shopping centre

COVID-19 has had a huge impact around the world on the same level, nothing more and nothing less. But this should come to give people the courage and strength to endure what is happening and take is as a second chance to be a better individual. This time were all in it together and we all need to show support in this difficult time. Support our friends and neighbours when they need cheering up,a smile goes a long way. Help a family if there dont have enough supply of food, nappies or water. Sharing wont lessen what you have but increase your faith in what more you will get. Support the small businesses online that not many people notice. That maybe their only source of income, their bread and butter. Major businesses have been forced to shut down as per new guidelines to support and tackle the virus spread. They will undoubtedly spread their wings and fly again. But there are people that sell from home or Online and those are the people we should be supporting today and continue to support.

major stores close down

Take this time to reflect and understand that time wont stand and wait for anyone. The virus has spread so fast its uncontrollable and with no vaccine in place as yet, its going to get out of hand. Pray for a better world, for peace in our homes, our community, our governments and world leaders. We have witnessed today what other poorer countries are facing everyday with diseases and illnesses like HIV, malnutrition, starvation, pneumonia etc. The struggles we have once seen on the news, our community and neighbouring towns/cities are facing a similar situation today. Nevertheless we still have a roof over our heads, heating, water, food, clothes, and for some of us, families. Help stay safe and stay home so more of us can see a future they would hope to see.

Realise that science and technology isnt the answer or the beginning to everything. Theres a more greater power that with seconds can either destroy or protect people or the lands of the people…

Kashmiri/Hydrabadi Haleem Recipe & Chit-Chat!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Helo/Salam foodies!

Now this one is especially for all those who love the indian/pakistani cuisine or those who love experiencing a taste of culture. If you read my previous post we spoke about a special celebratory dish, Haleem. Its a delicacy which you cannot miss! It is enjoyed all around the muslim world especially on Eid and Ramadan (The month of fasting). The reason being, its because this dish is not like the other lamb or chicken korma youve seen or tasted, it has its own unique taste, look, and texture… A one of a kind!

Are you intrigued to find out how i mastered this recipe under 6 hours?

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